Reliable Electronics and Technologies Company


Put our high tech microwave and microelectronic
assembly expertise
to work for you!

Pioneers in Microwave & Microelectronic Assembly Services

A Microscope at Every Workstation

Beginning with a microscope at each of our work stations, RETCOMP uses the latest equipment and technology including:

  • Sony Camera and Visual System
  • ESD Protection
  • Bausch & Lomb Microscopes
  • High Intensity Fiber-Lites
  • Soldering Stations: Weller & Hako
  • Wrist Strap Tester: Tegam
  • Solder Tip Tester: Tegam
  • STI Reflow System
  • Separation Tech Aqua Cycler
  • Hako Rework Station
  • Blue M Oven
  • OK Stencil Oven

Quality You Can Depend On

With more than 100 years of combined microelectronic services experience RETCOMP has adopted many of the attributes associated with the north country, such as, strong work ethics, stability, reliability and dependability. Our quality program is designed around ISO 9000 specifications and we work with many companies who are ISO Certified.

RETCOMP, Inc 2nd NH Turnpike South, New Boston, NH  03070 603-487-5010